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BabyCare – now
available in an app!

Mobile like you – the BabyCare app is your digital companion for a healthy pregnancy.

With the app you can find out more about the following subjects in relation to your pregnancy:
  • Am I eating right?
  • What is my BMI, what is my energy demand?
  • Can I keep doing my favourite sport during pregnancy?
  • Am I under too much stress?
  • What about alcohol and tobacco?
  • Is my medication safe to take during pregnancy?
  • Do I need to take food supplements?
  • Am I at risk of vaginal infections?
  • Am I at risk of gestational diabete?
  • Am I getting enough important micronutrients?

The BabyCare app also tells you more about your current week of pregnancy, reminds you of important dates, and has an extensive Q&A section.

Click here to view the terms of use and data protection provisions for the 'BabyCare – gesund und schwanger' (healthy and pregnant) app (version v2.0).
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